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Ross Cunniff is a Collaborative Leader

Dolores Williams

I respect Ross Cunniff as one of the most effective and collaborative leaders we could have on City Council. And it’s why I support Ross’s re-election. I have known Ross for a long time. He and his family have lived and worked in Fort Collins for over 30 years—and he’s volunteered for most of those years.

Our town faces many challenges and complex issues that are not easily solved. I have found that over the last four years on Council, Ross has shown he is a strong leader who gets things done collaboratively. He is able to bring opposing sides together to listen and come up with good solutions that are right for Fort Collins. He has utmost integrity and strives for fair and practical solutions for difficult problems. Ross is a person who follows through on commitments. He works hard and doesn’t give up no matter how difficult and complex the situation is. He is open and honest. Ross is simply a really good person—the kind of person you want as a neighbor and on Council.