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Ross Cunniff the True Citizen Voice

Glen Colton

I’ve known Ross Cunniff for many years and am strongly endorsing him for re-election to City Council. He is hard-working, honest, and truly the Citizen’s Voice. We need a strong citizen voice on Council now more than ever. We need someone who listens to and represents regular people like you and me to counter balance powerful special interests. As a Council member, Ross has held open listening sessions at least once a month to allow constituents to ask questions, provide feedback, and discuss their concerns.

Ross has worked hard for livable design standards for development and to protect the integrity of the neighborhoods. He’s stood up to the powerful who seek special treatment that is detrimental to our neighborhoods, our quality of life, and the city finances. He’s worked hard to protect taxpayers and make sure that new growth pays its fair share of costs for infrastructure expansions in our growing city. Ross recognizes that our natural areas, parks, and trails are a big part of our community and has worked tirelessly on these before and after being elected to council.

We are so lucky to have Ross on Council. Let’s re-elect him.