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Ross Cunniff Re-election Key to our Neighborhoods

Jacqui Zipser

There is no doubt for my family and my neighbors: we will vote to re-elect Ross Cunniff as our City Council representative. Because he is so popular in our neighborhood, there may be some who won’t take the time to vote, thinking that Ross will win without their support. That would be a mistake. We should not take anything for granted when it comes to our quality of life. Ross has and will continue to be a champion on City Council for neighborhoods, enabling our area to be so much more inviting, livable, and safe. We have been able to build and maintain a sense of community with his help.

Ross continues to work for us. He has opposed unfair eminent domain proceedings. He has helped secure better services for our District. He has made sure that City resources are spent in our older, central neighborhoods that are sometimes ignored. He has worked for transparency in government.

There is no question who will support our neighborhoods on Council — Ross Cunniff. District 5: If you want to keep our quality of life, please be sure to vote, and vote for Ross.