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Cunniff has Integrity and Honesty

Jake Joseph

Ross Cunniff is running for re-election to City Council. I know Ross to be a person of high integrity and honesty, a champion for citizens, and simply a good person. I am honored to serve with Ross as a member of the Housing Catalyst Board of Commissioners where, even when everyone doesn’t agree with him, Ross always treats all parties with respect and is an incredible and considerate listener. This is a rare quality in the public sphere these days. He cares about things that I care about like friendly neighborhoods, a strong sense of community, and a healthy environment. As a Council member he has a great track record of working for government transparency and in helping those most vulnerable in our community. Ross has the unique ability to listen to all sides and has the leadership skills to bring us together. While it is impossible and not reasonable to expect to agree with any single elected official and the positions taken 100% of the time, we can and should hope to respect the integrity and truthfulness of our elected officials 100% of the time. This is something I have learned from getting to know Ross as a councilperson and a community member. Let us all listen better to each other and imitate the way Ross approached his responsibility to the residents of the City of Fort Collins—his neighbors and friends.