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My Husband Ross is a Dedicated Leader

Jill Cunniff

I would like to tell you why I will be voting to re-elect Ross Cunniff for City Council in District 5. We have been friends for 38 years... We were friends for 5 years before we ever dated; I knew who he was! We’ve now been married for 32 years, raised our daughters and been blessed with a grand daughter. With all the things we’ve been through, we’ve always known we could face the joys and challenges together. This is a man I love, trust and know!

If I had to choose one word to describe Ross and what keeps him doing his best for his family, his job, and the City of Fort Collins, it would be dedication. His dedication to really look at what is going on... To listening and learning about how people are being affected... And working on ways to find solutions.

Ross chose to run for City Council originally for the opportunity to make a difference for people, and that is what he has done. The Council meetings are just a part of what he does, he holds listening sessions twice a month, he takes phone calls from people all the time with different concerns. Sometimes he can connect them with the right group or person who can help them. Other times he feels the need to go down and help carry bricks, shovel walks, or clear ice dams. That is what I call dedication!

Please join me in re-electing my best friend and husband, Ross Cunniff.