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A Vote for Ross Cunniff is a Vote for Natural Areas and Trails

K-Lynn Cameron

Join me in supporting Ross Cunniff for re-election to City Council. Most Council members tout how wonderful our trails and natural areas are. They know (even if they originally were against buying open space and natural areas) that our wonderful natural areas poll at 98% approval rating. As one of the founders of the open space programs in our area, I watch this closely.

However, Ross Cunniff not only supported the efforts to preserve and protect land for habitat and recreation from the very beginning, he worked on it. He personally spent many hours working on the programs to ensure our City and County could purchase lands for natural areas, and trails. Ross is a person who just doesn’t give lip service to an issue, he takes action. And his actions have helped our community be an incredible place to live. He will continue to protect our trails, natural areas, parks and all the features that we hold dear. Vote for Ross Cunniff for Council—we can depend on him.