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The Honor is all ours that Ross Cunniff is Running for Re-election

Mike Knowles

Ross Cunniff has said that it’s been an honor serving us the past 4 years as our Council member for our neighborhoods in District 5. Actually the honor is all ours as Ross truly cares about doing the very best for us citizens, not just here in District 5, but for the entire City.

Ross has always been readily accessible, either in person or by phone, to discuss any issue or concern one might have. These are not limited to complex and strategic issues in the City such as eminent domain problems, budget information, or providing better design standards, but also the “little” things that may not make the headlines of the paper, but make a big difference to us who live here. Ross has gotten street ice dams removed, unsafe trees trimmed, sidewalks repaired, streets plowed, property maintenance improved, and a pedestrian crosswalk installed near senior assisted living.

Ross is there for us for the big stuff and also the small. This is why I will be voting for Ross Cunniff and encourage residents of District 5 to do the same.