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Local Elections Matter: Vote for Ross

Nancy Tellez

Local elections really do matter – so please return your mail-in ballot to re-elect Ross Cunniff for City Council. I have known Ross for years. Our paths have crossed many times in volunteering for local organizations and serving the community. And I’m impressed every time we’ve worked together.

Local elections are important if you care about having safe and livable neighborhoods. They’re important to ensure we have clean and safe drinking water and clean air. They’re important for us to have a chance to enjoy our natural areas, trails and parks. They’re important for the type and strength of the economy we have. They’re important to ensure we have a strong and transparent local government that’s accessible to you. In the last 4 years on Council, Ross has fought hard for all these things and more that make Fort Collins such a wonderful place to live and work.

Local elections are critical so please join me in supporting Ross for Council. He gets important work done for all of us.