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Cunniff: Best for My Neighborhood

Paul L. Anderson

I was so glad to see that Ross Cunniff is running for re-election for City Council, District 5. He deserves another term. He has been a staunch supporter for protecting the viability of our neighborhoods. I live in the Rolland Moore West Neighborhood just southwest of CSU and Ross has always been there to listen and help keep our neighborhood not only livable but affordable to those families and groups wishing to rent. Ross brings a passion to being a member of the Council and reaches out to all of its citizens and is not beholden to moneyed, special interests. Ross was previously a president and board member of the Poudre School District and has volunteered for numerous community groups. Ross is committed to our community. Local elections matter. They can determine what kind of neighborhood you will live in. I'm voting for Ross Cunniff, District 5. I hope you will too.