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Ross is a Top Leader in Fort Collins

Scott Mason

Join me in support of Ross Cunniff for City Council for District 5. As a former City Council member myself, I understand the challenges and demands of the role--and I fully endorse Ross’s re-election. Ross has lived and worked in Fort Collins for over 30 years, and has been our City Council representative in District 5 for the last 4 years. His leadership and commitment on City Council have been outstanding. He has pushed for government transparency—ensuring that the City’s budget and other information is open and available for all citizens. He has helped drive efforts that help ensure the long-term sustainability of Fort Collins including championing recycling programs and establishing a new recycling center with expanded facilities. His leadership has been key in creating better City long term planning, support for innovative local businesses, strong historic preservation, and expansion of our natural areas and trails. District 5 couldn’t have a better choice; we all need Ross Cunniff on Council.