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Ross Cunniff—Head and Heart

Trudy Haines

Ross Cunniff has a unique combination of head and heart—and that’s why I’m supporting him for re-election to City Council. I know Ross from the high-tech industry—people always nod knowingly when I say that Ross is the smartest person I know. He is a brilliant computer scientist, a director of software labs, an inventor, a business leader, and an entrepreneur. He applies this same fierce intellect to understanding the complexities of running a City government. He addresses the myriad of needs and wishes of our citizens and works hard to develop creative and practical solutions. He understands and supports local businesses and innovation in our community.

And people also nod in agreement when I’ve said, that Ross cares deeply about Fort Collins and takes our concerns to heart. He cares about our issues—not just with words, but with actions. He’s approachable and has held numerous listening sessions with citizens in the 4 years he’s served on Council. He cares about our quality of life and the livability of our neighborhoods. He has stood up to special interests that seek to profit while citizens pay the price. No issue is too small or too big. Ross has done everything from helping a citizen get an unsafe sidewalk fixed to serving on the Fort Collins Housing Authority board which provides affordable housing for our most vulnerable citizens.

Ross is a unique person of both the head and heart—a person we need on City Council.